“I was visiting the area for a couple weeks and needed somewhere to work out. Class pass suggested I go to REPS and I highly recommend it. The class was challenging, engaging and rewarding all at the same time! Matthew was an amazing instructor, and I would definitely attend again.”

“The instructor was super helpful and positive throughout! Its like a Barrys Bootcamp but with bikes and not as intense, which I like because you focus on form and get a great workout. Good for all levels. I highly recommend.”

“A great class! I’ve only taken two classes here and while I liked both, this one was even better. Not easy but really suitable for all since you can go at your own pace. Jillian was really positive and attentive to everyone.”

“Love this place! Renvil and instructors have great energy and really motivate me. Also like the vide of other people at the studio. Feels like everyone knows your name. Super welcoming. Great new equipment and always sparkling clean.”

“There’s no where like REPS and there’s no one like Renvil! If you’re looking for a killer workout, this is the place for you. The instructors meet you where you are, push you to be better, and make you feel like family from the second you walk through the door.”

Such a fun and challenging class. Matt always challenges folks while providing guidance and modifications. Reps has a great culture too—everyone just feeds off of each other’s energy.