March 7th and 8th, marked our two year anniversary in JP. It was filled with full classes, smiling faces, and genuinely good vibes. Fast forward one week, and we had to shut our doors due to the Corona Virus. We thought we could beat the virus. We believed that things would work out, and that in a short amount of time, we would return to tap backs, and push ups, inches from one another. We moved to online classes, we rented out bikes and kettle bells, and we kept sliding into your DM’s and emails with updates each week.

Sadly, all of those efforts just weren’t enough, so it is with a heavy heart, and tears in our eyes, that we regret to inform you all, that REPS JP will not reopen with the phased relaunches implemented by the local government. Though we agree with the Governors approach to a careful and calculated reopening plan, our studio was too young to survive for four months with minimal income. The community we built in our short time here, will remain cemented in the very fibers that make up REPS Fitness Studios. To those whose lives we changed, know you changed ours ten times over. REPS was a safe space, a space for challenging yourselves, and a place where you knew you were bettering yourselves, just by walking in the doors.

We challenge you to find the same type of space again. It may soon be another gym, or studio, or it may be your living room or even your basement. We will continue to offer our virtual classes, and when the Beacon Hill location is allowed to reopen, we will honor credits purchased from JP at that location as well (pending expiration dates). Remember, you can now use your previously purchased classes to access our virtual classes! Details on how to access the virtual classes, and equipment if needed, can be found below.

REPS provided four walls that shielded you from the outside world, but it did not make you the disciplined, hard working individuals you all grew to be over the last 2 years. That came from you. You always had it in you, and you still do.

We encourage you to stay in touch with one another, with our team members, and to remember why you fell in love with fitness in the first place. We understand you will have questions, and we encourage you to ask them. From the bottom of our bike pedals, we thank you for the unbelievable amount of love and support you provided us these past 2 years. We are, and always will be, grateful.

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