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Our amazing cycling instructors are experts at motivating people just like you to get in shape and stay in shape. Join us for one of our cycling classes to see how we can help you achieve health and wellness through fitness.

  • Cycling classes are available 7 days a week.

  • Our classes are taught by trained instructors.

  • Our trainers are courteous and professional.

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1 Grove Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02114

Monday – Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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Sarah Mahoney
Sarah MahoneyFitness Instructor
Sarah has been passionate about fitness her entire life. After completing her time as a collegiate swimmer she knew immediately she wanted to pursue group fitness and training. Sarah is a dedicated power rider and focuses her class on strength and endurance. Her favorite form of legal torture is planking and you may even, from time to time, catch her accidentally singing along to her playlists (despite repeatedly being told she is tone deaf ☺).
Lizzy Huebner
Lizzy Huebner Fitness Instructor
A lover of adrenaline, Lizzy enjoys surfing, sailing, skiing, and snowboarding. She is addicted to working out at REPS because it gets her ready for all the adventures to come. As a former rower, Lizzy used spinning and high intensity workouts to prepare for the famous Head of the Charles Regatta on our home turf of Boston. Lizzy brings energy and variety to her workouts, making sure to get riders out of their comfort zone.
Becca Hazlett
Becca HazlettFitness Instructor
Becca has been going to spin classes for 6 years and has tried every studio there is. REPS gave her the total body workout she craved as a former athlete. She wants classes to leave people feeling proud and eager to come back for more. She loves being part of a team and her classes will always be about pushing ourselves as a team. She cares about her music always being upbeat and fun – riding a stationary bike should be fun!
Perri Lomberg
Perri LombergFitness Instructor
Perri is a KORECYCLE and REPSCYCLE instructor who has been teaching cycling classes in Boston since May 2016. She brings energy, intensity, and big climbs to help her class find the power in their body and push to new limits. Perri has trained under the guidance of international scientists and Olympic athletes and hopes to bring that knowledge and skill to the Boston community. When she’s not in the gym, she spends time outdoors and loves to go paddling on the Charles River. Perri is a MADDOG certified instructor.

Outside of REPS, Perri works as an electrical engineer.

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